Sunday, June 26, 2011

TaDa! London Walks!

After months of resisted coaxing from her parents, London takes steps on her own. Since this video she has not done much walking on her own. She still prefers her speedy crawl, but she is slowly finding freedom on her feet. (previously shown on facebook)

London has gotten so photogenic and she is such a ham that we capture a lot of great pictures. I think this age is my favorite so far. She has us always laughing and saying, "Look at London!"

Peace & Love!

Many Are Called

I am 1st counselor in Young Women at church and I've really enjoyed it. It's kept me busy and given me more purpose while Spencer was occupied with schoolwork. Recently I visited the D.C. temple for the first time, we took the youth to do baptisms for the dead. I also just spent a day at Girls' Camp this week, and thirdly I'll chaperone at Youth Conference next month in Maryland... all as Spencer stands and counts attendance in Sacrament :)

The DC Temple is magnificently tall and sparkly. Loved it!

Peace & Love

Saturday, June 25, 2011

School's Out for the Summer!

My genius for a husband did amazing again in school. He finished this semester with 7 A's and 3 B's, making for a great first year of pharmacy school.

We celebrated by shooting our guns for the first time here in Virginia and driving an hour to go to Cheesecake Factory with our friends Jeff & Emily. Followed by some browsing at a sporting goods store. Needless to say, London was beat from the day.

My Bouncing Baby

London loves to see how much air she can get jumping in her crib. When she wakes up from a nap we often hear her crib rocking from jumps before we hear a peep from her. I walked in to her room video rolling to capture it:

Peace & Love

Playing "Ketchup"

So, awhile back we misplaced our camera. One of us hid it from London when she was playing with it. We were hopeful of finding it but after 3 months of no pictures, we broke down and bought another. We're still hoping it will turn up, in similar news we can't find Spencer's keys anywhere. Maybe they are with the camera somewhere unseen...

These are adorable pictures of London that we snapped up as soon as we got a camera:

Peace & Love

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

On the wings of LOVE!

Spencer HATES it when I sing the song titled above. There is a Lunesta commercial that has a similar tag line so it often pops in my head. Oddly, Spencer is most annoyed when I'm singing, hmm. Anyway, that's what first came to mind, that's how my titles roll...

Since our fun trip to Pittsburgh and NY on Thanksgiving, this has transpired:
  • Spencer completed semester 1 of Pharm school (he did amazing - eight A's, two B's)
  • Christmas time with family in AZ
  • New Years' in Winchester (we're old, we watched the ball on tv and went to bed)
  • London's 1st birthday!

Chloe so ready to feed London

London LOVED all the attention from her cousins, she misses them so much.

London in her festive, red turtleneck :)

Christmas morning at home opening her present

Uh oh! London discovered the stairs!

Wheel of Fortune is London's favorite and only show she watches. She's glued every night.

One of her favorite times of day is reading books with daddy before bed.

Yay! Grandma Cindy made London an adorable hat and scarf.

London's 1st! Once she realized it was sugar, she was all over it.

London loves the water!

 Peace & Love!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

To infinity... and beyond!

Spencer and I were recently given callings in church. Spencer has been called to be an assistant ward clerk over membership records. He also gets to be the one to stand and count attendance in sacrament.  I have been called to be 1st counselor in Young Women. I think its a way of getting me and London to stay for third hour, she is often in need of her nap half way through church so we'll do our best to stick around and fill our callings.

Thanksgiving was great fun! We were able to go on a road trip to visit friends and family. We drove 3 hours to Pittsburgh to see the Gibsons who were visiting family. Then, we drove from there to Long Island to see Beth who was housesitting in the Hamptons. London did amazingly in the car. Our 8-hour drive turned into 12 due to bad weather and holiday traffic but she was a trooper and stayed content the entire time. It encourages me to go on more family road trips. We look forward to flying out to see more friends and family in Arizona this month. Thanks for the flight mom and dad!

In London news, she is making this funny squishy face and she makes us laugh then giggles knowing she is funny. She has also upgrading from army crawling to crawling on her hands. She is also pulling herself to her knees and feet. She loves books and animal sounds. Her favorite book is the one seen in her car seat that Stacy gave her, thanks Hook! She is so excited to see her cousins and friends Devan and Reagan and Avary and Nixon!

Peace & Love!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Brr! It's cold in here.

London is so dang cute! Case and point:

London is a little techie. She loves to play with the laptop, remote and cell phone. I guess its also because we're always using them. She is army crawling really fast now. However, she has stopped rolling over? Weird. We can't get her to do it. She'll just lie on her back whining until we roll her then she'll cackle. Booger.

We drove through the Shenandoah National Park. We caught the color change just in time! Three days later all the leaves were gone. It was beautiful and the weather is starting to get quite chilly, my Arizona blood is not used to this. Also, we had our first visitor since moving here! Our sister-in-law, Evelyn, came out for a wedding and so we got to see her! She made London an adorable, little hat.

Peace & Love!